BONAK ENTERPRISES is a reliable and fair partner in the private equity and venture capital markets. We provide unlimited investment opportunities for business development and capital appreciation for our clients who create breakthrough technologies, transformational business models and strong intellectual property intended to change the world.

We Invest In Boldly Ambitious Businesses

BONAK ENTERPRISES invests in teams and companies from seed to emerging growth stage and provides a powerful combination of capital and supporting infrastructure of tech, marketing, expertise and design to create breakthrough technologies, transformational business models and strong intellectual property to change the world.

We Believe In

Trustworthy, Professional Relationships

Deep, Longer-Term Collaborative Relationships

Applying Expertise To Build Lasting Value

Brand &

The expertise of BONAK ENTERPRISES includes comprehensive branding, design, creative communications and marketing skills to increase recognition of the company and its products, raise its credibility and stand out from the competition, effectively promote to gain market leadership, build long-term partnerships with customers, attract the best employees to participate in the company’s mission and increase sales.

Brand &

Applying technical innovation is a critical core competency that determines the long-term success of modern businesses.

BONAK ENTERPRISES has all the necessary experience and tools to help startups keep pace with the ever evolving and rapidly advancing digital transformation by applying agile and dynamic business models and related technological developments, such as adapting processes that encompass the latest requirements in data processing and meeting advanced customer needs, etc.

Sales &

Effective sales performance requires the creation and development of strong leadership skills and management culture. We have all the resources, knowledge and experience necessary to kick-start a powerful sales engine in our portfolio companies, from closing the first deal to building a world-class sales team. Professional sales management, improved business performance and global market penetration are the benefits of the partnership with BONAK ENTERPRISES.

Design & Product

BONAK ENTERPRISES helps to expand the boundaries of projects, companies and the products they create through high-quality design.

Design & Product is a human-centered approach to innovation that relies on the designer’s toolkit to integrate people’s needs and align them with business goals, technology capabilities and requirements for business success to help brands produce consistently successful products and generate high revenue and global recognition.

We Are

With a high investment-to-exit ratio, we pride ourselves in providing all the necessary resources to create breakthrough technologies, build transformational business models, and strong intellectual property to improve the world.

We Search For


Progressive Startups

Supporting early-stage projects to create global initiatives and breakthrough solutions

Growing Corporations

Creating conditions for increasing revenues and becoming a world leader


We Focus On Ambitious Projects Of Global Scale

Through our international perspectives, a world-class team and close partnerships with many important technology and business powerhouses, we will expand the profitability and opportunities of your business.

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